Tucson, Arizona Gem Show!

Tucson, Arizona Gem Show!

Hello Beautiful Beings!

if you missed our Instagram posts, here are some amazing photos from our trip to Tucson! 

As soon as we got there, I HAD to get a picture with these massive cacti!

They're like prickly toadstools!

CRYSTAL WORLD! I was so excited to find this booth.

And so was my boyfriend.  Lol!

My nails matched this Rose Quartz Sphere.

This is the largest Quartz cluster I've ever seen!

And the largest Quartz point I've ever seen!

Heres everything packed up and ready to be shipped out!

This was my last glance of Tucson. The mountain ranges are just beautiful.  


You all have made this all possible for me and I cannot thank you enough!  



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