What's New with Arabella?

What's New with Arabella?

Hello Beautiful Beings!

Cheers to my first blog post!

Arabella has come a LOOOOOOONG way all thanks to my awesome supporters! I decided to start fresh with the new year and switch some things up...more like ALL things, but you get the point.

Of course, the first huge step was the name change. If you've been supporting for a while, you know that my shop name used to be Mystic Forest. This name came to me immediately because I love fairies and all things mystical. I even dress up as a fairy at the Renissance Festivals! Although I still love these things, the name just didnt feel right to me. If you've seen my instagram posts, you can see that I have a huge passion for bohemian decor. I dont have very many "Mystical" items to create the photos I was longing to create so after a while, it became very hard for me to make content with this "mystical" vibe I was trying to achieve and I began to feel trapped. I thought that starting fresh would mean that I would lose the support I had which I would absolutely DREAD considering you all are what inspires me to do what I do everyday.

After talking with some of my close friends and supporters, they encouraged me to follow my heart. Even helping me through the process.

Now, after the name change, I feel more free and able to create and share with you all. Ive now created a new website, blog, and email list. Logos, business cards, and weekly instagram auctions are next to come!

I'll begin making weekly blog posts about chakra, crystals, meditation, cleansing your crystals, and much more! I'll probably throw in some DIY's and look books as well!

Thank you all so much for supporting me through it all!

With Love, Alicia.

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