Complete Chakra Crystal Kit

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Complete Chakra Gift Set.

Set includes:
7 Simple Recyclable Plastic Box with detailed sticker.(2 3/4" X 2 3/4")
- Chakra affirmation, Chakra Symbol, and detailed stone descriptions located on the label.

- Amethyst -
Enhances Intuition and inner sight, Supports sobriety, Promotes restful sleep, Enhances spirituality.
- Clear Quartz -
Amplifies energies, Cleanses spaces and other crystals, Works as a master healer, Provides Protection.
- Rainbow Moonstone -
Enhances feminine energies, Promotes vivid dreaming, Holds energies of the moon.
- Lepidolite -
Relieves stress, Promotes calmness, Improves meditation, Awakens insight, Connects you to the Divine.

- Labradorite -
Enhances the communication with the Divine, Strengthens psychic energy and intuition, Balancing.
- Apatite -
Drives self-expression, Promotes ideas and inspiration, Guides good energies, Strengthens communication.
- Fluorite -
Balances chakras, Harmonizes emotions, Promotes intuition, Aids spiritual awakening.
- Sodalite -
Promotes truth and integrity, Enables better communication, Increases intuition, Promotes psychic abilities.

- Blue Quartz -
Brings relaxation, Promotes peaceful resolution, Enhances organizational abilities and self-discipline.
- Blue Chalcedony -
Promotes good dreams, Created Balance, Reduces negative emotions, Increases intuition.
- Aquamarine -
Provides courage, Offers protection, Promotes safe travel, Helps with phobias, Lessens anxiety and fear.
- Amazonite -
Protects against electromagnetic energies, Calms and soothes, Promotes peace, Increases emotional balance.

- Emerald -
Supports success in love, Promotes faithfulness, Creates unity in partnerships, Increases positivity.
- Aventurine -
Opens the heart, Supports prosperity and abundance, Facilitates healing, Introduces new friendship.
- Rose Quartz -
Strengthens all types of loves, Promotes joy, Helps emotional healing, Instills peaceful emotions.
- Tree Agate -
Fosters appreciation of nature, Supports new beginnings, Aids in manifestation for emotional connection.

- Tigers Eye -
Enhances personal power, Strengthens sense of self, Boosts self- confidence and self-esteem, Increases courage.
- Yellow Jasper -
Provides stability, Improves grounding, Gives insight in spiritual work, Aids in deep meditation.
- Citrine -
Fosters self-esteem, Promotes abundance, Enhances creativity, Transforms negative energies into positive energies.
- Rutilated Quartz -
Enhances spiritual energies, Improves focus and concentration, Helps clarify ones life path.

- Botswana Agate -
Detoxifies, Promotes sexual wellbeing, Improves concentration, Comforting energies, Strengthens self.
- Peach Moonstone -
Emotionally balancing, Guides intuition, Promotes inner growth, Drives inspiration and success.
- Carnelian Agate -
Increases courage, Amplifies feelings, Increases willpower and determination, Aids security and safety.
- Iron Pyrite -
Brings good fortune, Promotes success in business, Aids in establishing prosperity, Strengthens willpower.

- Tourmaline -
Absorbs negative energies, Provides psychic and energetic protection, Supports grounding, Helps stress.
- Smokey Quartz -
Increases positive energies, Detoxifies, Aids negative thought, Promotes strong vibrational energies.
- Red Jasper -
Stimulates dreams, Holds ancient wisdom, Promotes logical thinking, Carries life force energies.
- Petrified Wood -
Teaches patience, Allows life to evolve in perfection, Holds the ancient energies of Mother Earth.

*Spreading positive energies
Each crystal that leaves our office is cleansed and charged with positive and loving vibrations. From our hands to yours, we share a special connection with each other, Mother Earth, and the higher Divine. Love & Light!